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Our world class, professional Melbourne wedding photographers capture moments in a very sensitive yet natural way, specialising in the Melbourne wedding scene, we are one of the very best. Since 2000, Johnmark and his Melbourne based wedding photographers have photographed the timeless qualities that only loved ones bring to a portrait, along with those special wedding moments that make our relationships so varied.


Usually the start of your very special day. Here we typically find a nervous groom surrounded by friends and family, this is a fun time where we capture everyone getting ready for the big day ahead. We also take time to capture intimate moments between the groom and both the parents and grandparents before the day begins. From the boys causing trouble to a final toast before the roar of the wedding cars arrive JMS photography is there to capture it all.

JMS Melbourne Wedding Photographers packages offer full coverage, this means that we make sure we are at the grooms place with plenty of time to spare. These moments, hidden from the bride are a window into the morning that was.

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The most important and meaningful part of your entire day, and the time of day we don’t stop. Your ceremony is something that will be remembered forever and JMS Melbourne Wedding Photographers will be there to capture every moment. From the being walked down the aisle to your very first kiss as a married couple our cameras capture it all. It is at this point experience takes over, with over 16 years in wedding photography we can be sure not to miss a beat.



Your guests are people that you’ve chosen to share your special day with, as such we ensure they feel just as involved. After the ceremony your dearest of friends and family pass on their support and congratulations, it’s the perfect time to capture those moments. JMS Photography offer an array of both candid and formal photographs that will be cherished for years to come. The fun and quirky moments are captured which look great in print while for the formal photos the time is taken choose the perfect location, and ensure that everyone is looking prim and proper for the camera.

Location shots are where the JMS Photography team let their artistic and creative flare speak out. This is the time where the formalities of the day are complete and you and the bridal party can unwind and have a bit of fun. Here we take some candid photos and create some amazing memories that will hang on the wall for years to come. Our experience of picking the perfect spots and setting our cameras up perfectly will leave you with photographs that you will never forget.


Party time, after a long and exciting day its time to cut the cake and put your hair down. It’s at this time Johnmark and his team never stop working. This is the time where we capture some of the best candid shots of your guests. From the raw emotions of the speeches to the fun and excitement of cutting of the cake we capture it all. Our team also offers the option to have a selection of photos uploaded to Facebook for your family and friends to share.


Some of the most personal and special moments are captured after dark. At JMS Melbourne Wedding Photographers we are proud to offer an array of special night time packages to capture the most romantic photographs of your special day. After all the formalities our lens’s gaze into your eyes and capture the most cherished and  intimate pictures that will draw your most special of days to a close.

Our special night packages feature the most amazing after dark photography, late night limousine transfer as well as luxury 5 star Melbourne Accommodation.

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JMS Photography is a world class photographic studio that offers services and packages that are unrivaled by most. All our Melbourne Wedding Photographers are backed by degrees in the industry and years of experience, this is the difference between a happy snap and a work of art. Our photographers simply don’t turn the camera to auto, we are specialists in reading light and meter our equipment accordingly. These skills are something that cannot be taught, but are gained through years of experience.


Like any professional industry, quality in work demands the right tools. JMS Photography is no exception, we are one of the only studios that take both Nikon and Canon Professional Digital SLR cameras to our events, this includes a multitude of lens’ for all lighting, conditions and environments, as well as professional, state of the art LED studio lighting.


Rachael and Troy wanted their wedding day to be special but they also didn’t want to break the bank. During their wedding planning, they decided to hire affordable wedding photographers for their Melbourne wedding, Rachael and Troy discovered that their affordable wedding photographers could provide them with plenty of services…