100 Things I’ve Learned About Photography

Because I discovered photography 2 and a half years ago I have actually discovered various things which I want to show you today. These lessons have actually made me richer and I hope that you will discover them rejuvenating and motivating on your journey with the electronic camera, too.

  1. Never ever do photography to become a rock-star.
  2. Enjoy exactly what you are shooting.
  3. Prepare well for your shooting, recognizing that your battery isn’t really charge when you’re establishing for that dawn shoot is far too late!
  4. Constantly take one warm garment more than you in fact require with you
  5. Take notice of your ideas and feelings while you are shooting
  6. Set objectives you can attain
  7. Compose suggestions about photography, due to the fact that composing is likewise finding out
  8. Never ever go shooting without a tripod
  9. Be pleased with the little successes
  10. Develop relationships with possible image pals
  11. See the location you wish to shoot initially with your heart … then with the video camera
  12. Constantly remain calm
  13. Know that you have the tendency to overstate yourself
  14. Viewpoint is the killer
  15. Commit yourself to photography, however never ever browbeat yourself excessive
  16. Participate in a photography neighborhood

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  1. Keep your electronic camera tidy
  2. Never ever compare yourself to others in a much better or even worse context
  3. Discover your very own design of photography
  4. Aim to make up more and to strike the shutter less
  5. Look for and discover how to accept review on your images
  6. Do something various to recuperate imagination
  7. Get motivation from the work of other professional photographers
  8. Slam truthfully however respectfully
  9. Get feedback from your woman
  10. Do not copy other professional photographer’s design
  11. Be bold
  12. Look after the golden ratio
  13. 10mm rocks!
  14. Take self pictures
  15. Check out books about photography
  16. To provide a landscape photo the additional increase, incorporate an individual (perhaps yourself).
  17. Every shooting scenario is various than you anticipate.
  18. Focus on s-curves and lines.
  19. Constantly shoot in RAW.
  20. Keep your sensing unit tidy, so you can conserve some work cleaning your image in post production.
  21. Discover the important things you believe are lovely.

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  1. It requires time to become an excellent professional photographer.
  2. The very best devices is that exactly what you have now.
  3. You cannot take pictures of whatever.
  4. Break the guidelines of photography purposefully, however not your video camera.
  5. Take note of the various manner in which light falls on various parts of your scene.
  6. The eye relocates to the point of contrast.
  7. Clouds increase the environment of a landscape.
  8. Start a photoblog.
  9. Accept appreciation and state “thank you”.
  10. ‘Nice Shot’ is not a really helpful remark to compose.
  11. ‘Amazing!’ isn’t really beneficial either. Attempt to explain particularly exactly what you like or do not like about an image.
  12. You are not your video camera.
  13. Ask a concern at the end of your talk about an image to obtain a ping-pong discussion with the professional photographer.


  1. Do an evaluation of your archives regularly, the longer you photo– the more diamonds are concealed there.
  2. Constantly clarify exactly what the eyecatcher (centerpiece) will remain in your image.
  3. No image is much better than a bad one.
  4. Everybody needs to begin little.
  5. Your viewpoint about photography is necessary!
  6. Leave an amusing however thoughtful remark.
  7. Discuss your experiences with your picture friends.
  8. Limitation your picture to the compound.
  9. Take part in Photo contests.
  10. Post processing = Optimizing your image to the very best outcome.



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